Tyres and Exhausts

At Monza 2000, we believe in giving our customers the best rates in the business. Our commitment to our customers is the reason our family-run company has over 30 years experience in the industry.


All drivers know the importance of having good tyres. Over-inflated tyres can produce blow out hazards, and under-inflated tyres can cause serious wear and tear on your wheels. That’s why, here at Monza 2000, we’ll always take care of your tyres and ensure we give you the best advice to ensure tyre maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for a spare tyre for one wheel, all your tyres need replacing, or your tyres need repairing, we can help.

In addition to testing your tyre pressure and overall condition, including tread depth, we’ll fit your tyres and align them. You can be assured that all of our tyres meet EU regulations.

We have a wide range of tyres in stock at our fully equipped workshop, and if we don’t have them for your car we’ll do our best to source your tyres for you as quickly as possible.


There are plenty of great reasons to get your exhaust checked regularly. Cracks can occur in the metalwork, fumes can enter your vehicle from the exhaust, and over time you may notice nasty clanking sounds under your car.

An exhaust in poor condition can affect not just you and your car, but also the environment. With a healthy exhaust, you’ll even notice improved fuel economy when driving.

So, should you need a new exhaust fitted, or just parts replaced, we can help. Our experienced team of technicians at Monza 2000 will offer a full and comprehensive inspection of your exhaust for any faults.

If the exhaust you need isn’t in stock, we aim to get it for you fast. So you’re guaranteed the best possible service in the most efficient time.

Call us on 0115 987 7723, 07768 267 761 or use our online enquiry form to get in touch. If you prefer discussing your needs face to face, just pop into our workshop on Wright Street, Netherfield.